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TEASING TRESSES The scrotum and surrounding areas are delightfully sensitive – take advantage of the fact!


MIRROR MASTERY Don’t be bashful – evoke your inner narcissist by getting down to business in view of a full-length mirror.

Undress in front of your mirror at bedtime, making sure that your man’s watching, but leave your stilettos on – they’ll make you feel sexy and your legs look amazing.

Brazenly admire your reflection, then walk over to him, take him by the hand and lead him back to the mirror.

Undress him and position him so he’s sideways-on to the mirror and far enough away that he can see you go down on him. When he’s about to come, pull him out of your mouth and point him towards the mirror, where you can both watch the fireworks.


Wheater you are Single, or Married but in need for something new, no matter the reason, we welcome you to join our private VIP SEX club, and you might meet someone special, rediscover your sex life, and fulfil your long hidden dreams and desires...

THE HARMONICA Instead of tackling his tackle head-on, place his penis sideways in your mouth, like a harmonica.


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