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Pray that the mighty and noble will show mercy on the poor and needy. Strange epidemics will be prevalent in 2016; pray for God’s mercy!There will be another major breakthrough in space exploration in this new year.North and South Korea will need divine intervention.Pray against violent insurrection of the suffering masses across nations of the world.Prophetic Scripture: Psalm 86 Prophetic Song Guest Writer: Wemi Opakunle I have a friend who constantly complains about her physical appearance.Come constantly to my presence, dwell therein and find repose and comfort.Abide with me and in me and I will always attend to your calls and your needs. I will continue to visit the earth in judgement; that is the reason for my people to dwell with me in the secret place.When I hear the plea of the precious blood of Calvary, I will pass over!


The world system has crashed and lost its power, now shall the kingdom and reign of the eternal God become evident on earth. In the year 2016, I shall be recognized and called by my name, “Jehovah Shalom”.

(The Lord God Our Peace) Declare my peace over every troubled water, and it shall listen and heed your command.

Thus saith the Lord concerning the year 2016: In the midst of the chaos that has engulfed the earth, my own people that are called by name and bear my mark, shall rejoice. Do not play or claim righteousness; for none is righteous except Him.

“The journey shall be as smooth as butter”, He said. Plead the Blood of Jesus every moment and it will pave way for atonement, deliverance and protection.

In times of need, call that name, and it will answer you.

Declare peace where there is war, in your home, and in your life. Pray for Vietnam concerning major natural disaster, Pray for America; the enemies are watching for wrong choice of leadership.


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