Sex chatting jhb

It is similar to that of a puppy seeking your attention. It was not 5 minutes later my phone rang it was security Koketso was at the gate.

Koketso is my husband’s brother’s wife, shit I didn’t know what to do, security had already told her I’m home.

The shorter the time he spent at the gate the better it was for me. I definitely was not going to give this man my honey. I was just going to have to wait for my husband and stick to my for better or for worse. I asked him very coldly what he was doing her and said that he could not sleep without seeing me.

I told him straight up that I did not want him coming to my place anymore because he was disrespecting my home, me and especially my husband.

I had to make a quick decision on whether to let him in or not. Even then I found myself tidying myself up so I looked decent.

The problem is in a security complex like mine people end up talking. I was relieved I had chosen to wear proper pyjamas not the ones I had bought to keep Mthobisi eyes on me. I think he had become so used to me he no longer so when I was making an effort to look sexy for him. He walked in like a kid in a candy store thinking that he was so going to get some!

She came in and started telling me how she suspects that her husband is having an affair he’s been coming home late and always had late meetings and work gateways.


A man does not build his castle only for his wife to allow thieves to come raid it at will. For better or for worse I reminded myself yet again. I hate cutting lemons because the scent stays on your fingers but I did not mind. As I was cutting the lemon something distracted me. A black woman’s medicine cabinet only has Panado or Grandpa if you are lucky and that’s if she even has one. When you are married its nice to have a man in the house.I don’t care who says what when you have an affair and no matter what a loser your man you must still have respect not do it in his house and in his bed! He could see I was serious but e was not getting up to leave! I might as well give it to him so he could leave and I could cry my lungs out. Mfundo stood up too suddenly and I lost concentration for just one moment cutting myself in the process which made me whelp. he ran over to check it out but he did not do anything lecherous. He said he must go get one at the garage lest it gets infected. When there is an emergency you can always send him around.


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