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Go Out to Dinner: If you’re fairly certain you can find a quiet, private place to eat, you can sit in a restaurant and have dinner with your loved one.

This probably won’t work very well at the trendiest place in town at dinner time, but a corner booth for a late breakfast in a quiet diner can be very sweet and memorable.

If you’re too late to send out a Valentine’s Day Package, you can still count yourself among the lucky ones if you’ll get the chance to chat via the internet with your loved one on Valentine’s Day – or any day!

Take a Walk: If your smart phone or other electronic gadget gives you the benefit of chatting on the run, you could consider taking a little walk with your significant other.You could take a nature walk, a simple stroll around the neighborhood, the zoo, or even do some historical research and give a tour of neat buildings and historical sights.


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