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It’s become somewhat of a cultural icon—the place where women go to seek information and advice about sexuality and relationships.

Bill Clinton had his fair share of sex scandals— but Hillary reportedly cheated, too!

The presidential hopeful, 68, allegedly shared a steamy affair with her onetime colleague, Vince Foster, that spanned three decades.

"One attendant came upon them in one of the private rooms," they write.

"They were kissing."On several occasions, a state trooper/security guard said he spotted Foster "cupping her a** cheeks, and she sure didn't object, laughing and giggling with him. "Years later, Foster served as Deputy White House Counsel under the president, an old friend.


"She refused to take his calls."Hillary became "hysterical," the authors reveal."From her reaction, I thought Bill had been assassinated," her press secretary later said.Instead of her own husband, Foster would accompany Hillary on work trips to Washington, D. A room service waiter claimed he served them breakfast in bed at the Hay-Adams Hotel— and the married dad was naked!After Bill became the governor of Arkansas, Foster would often visit Hillary in the Governor's Mansion— but only when her husband was out of town, the authors claim.

According to Porter and Prince, she was concerned he had left a suicide note declaring his undying love for her.

Many conservatives blamed Bill and Hillary for the death, calling it a murder.


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    Harry, 32, reportedly enjoyed a number of dates with Sarah Ann Macklin back in June and July while he was wooing his current girlfriend Meghan.

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