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The insurrection was the apex of frustration among white Southern Democrats in North Carolina who had lost governing power to an interracial Republican Party in 1894.

As they planned to forcibly regain power in the state, Southern Democrats projected their commitment to white supremacy and trumpeted their conviction that white women were endangered by free black men.


In 19, the Georgia legislature passed a series of laws that prevented any integrated school system in the state from receiving or spending state funds.Ernest Vandiver, Jr., a staunch opponent of integration, was elected Governor of Georgia in 1958.Maintaining segregation within the school system was so core to his candidacy that his election motto was "No, not one," referring to the number of black children that should be allowed to attend schools alongside white children.During the Vandiver administration, a federal court in Calhoun v.

President William Mc Kinley declined to intervene or provide assistance to Wilmington’s black residents; the mobs, permitted to seize political control of the city, appointed Colonel Waddell as Wilmington’s new mayor.

After the United States Supreme Court struck down public school segregation in Brown v.


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