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University Sexual Misconduct Advocate (Phone: 570-336-4994, Hours: 24/7) Bloomsburg University strives to support survivors of sexual offenses, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and/or stalking and offers non-judgmental support, empowerment, and a safe place to express/explore all options available to a survivor, friends, and/or family.

The University has an advocate on call 24/7 during traditional class sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: The Center for Counseling & Human Development is a completely confidential resource.

Other resources listed include Campus Security Authorities, who are required to report non-identifying information to the police for statistical reporting, and employees who are required to report identifying information to the Title IX Coordinator to ensure resources and information are provided to the victim and to assess campus safety.

Our strong emphasis on health promotion and preventative health education is designed to ensure our students reach their educational goals.

A male advocate is available Monday through Friday from am to pm for follow-up meetings by request.

In all cases the highest confidentiality will be respected within those professional parameters.

If you are unsure of the confidentiality level of a resource, please ask.

To assist a sexual assault victim in navigating the campus and community support resources available, an individual may want to consider enlisting the support of an advocate.

Advocates are available 24/7 both on campus at Bloomsburg University (570) 336-4994 and through the local community at Women's Center, Inc. An individual may even find it beneficial to work with advocates from both — Campus Resources and Community Resources.

Anyone can call the advocate directly for assistance such as a hospital escort, discuss campus judicial options, safety plan, or answer any other questions/concerns.Additionally they can work with sexual assault victims to alter their academic schedules and housing arrangements.


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