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You're communicating with everyone in the room way before you open your mouth and you want to be sending out the right signals. I know that it's easy to get carried away drinking yummy drinks, but sip slowly! This is the most effective pick up tool I have in my arsenal.Pick a place where a man would be likely to grab a drink alone and be looking for conversation.Do a little research and find out what conventions or conferences are happening in your area.But, it's probably even more important on Valentine's Day.You don't want to go to a place that will be overrun by couples and you don't want a sports bar where the men will be distracted by the game.

We're big fans of Patti Stanger—Bravo's 'Millionaire Matchmaker' and the woman behind the delicious new wine, P. Match—so with Valentine's Day coming up, we thought we'd turn to her for a little love advice. Do not call up a friend, do not meet up with people, do not pass go, do not collect 0. Even the most confident man in the world would not approach a gaggle of women engaged in conversation.

In fact, we're asking the dating guru to answer our—and your—most pressing dating, sex, and relationship questions each month. Going alone makes you infinitely more approachable and available. Treat yourself to some real primp time so you look and feel sexy. Plus, you'll be perfectly festive for Valentine's Day in red! " Your dress should show off your cleavage or your legs or your back, but not everything at once.

As for timing, go for happy hour and never later than 8 p.m. And sloppy isn't a good look on even the hottest guy.

I know being single on Valentine's Day doesn't promote the happiest feelings in the world, but you have to get over that and get into a positive mind frame so you're putting out the right energy. Get out of conversation ASAP so you seem available to the better matches in the bar!

Go to a bar by the convention center or even a hotel bar.

You'll find single travelers there who are employed, interesting, and looking for conversation.


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