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"My daughter told me she was outside the back of the school not behaving herself and that she was pressured she was a victim.

Within 20 feet of where she was with the senior, the door opened and a teacher walked out, a male teacher. My daughter said he spoke to them and said to them, 'Really you guys, I don't want to deal with this right now.


It would be another few weeks until another female student would come forward, according to the mother.She said it's been reviewed by the district-wide safety committee, but wouldn't comment on if any changes are being made."Had that teacher walked out the back door and turned around and noticed it was his daughter, would he have gotten in his car? That it doesn't continue to happen."Brockport Central School District Superintendent Dr.Lesli Myers said the district took this situation very seriously.

A mother of one victim tells 13WHAM the district knew about what was happening well before they called the cops.The woman, who chose not to be identified, said the assistant principal called her last month telling her that her 14-year-old daughter had been caught in a sexual act on campus by a teacher."They didn't have really any answers as to what happened back in March as to why it wasn't handled in March," said the mother of the Brockport student victim.


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