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NOTE: The numbers in brackets are links to footnotes for this text. [1] A study of domestic violence in Kansas would tend to bear out Hofstadter's thesis.

3), pages 334 to 350 Transcribed by Tod Roberts; digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society. [I]ndignation will develop to such an extent that "due process of law" will not be a feature in the punishment handed out to them. But the events are quickly forgotten; they lack the cohesion and consistency necessary to become a tradition.

The Kansas Mennonites were not a homogeneous group.

They were divided into numerous splinter groups and congregations, each of which could be placed at a different point along the ladder of acculturation.


The largest group had come from Russia in 1874-76 and retained the German language in church and home.They respected and obeyed the government as ordained by God, but when there was a conflict between the commandments of government and the scriptures, they were ready to disobey government. Krehbiel, who had served a term in the Kansas state legislature, were ahead of their constituency in political awareness.


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