Sex dating in cohasset massachusetts


The internet offers solitary temptation, but adultery is an inherently social vice. In the divorce context, most “bad” internet behavior involves a spouse viewing pornography or engaging in secretive forms of voyeurism that fall short of a sexual contact with another individual.

This most often manifests itself in ways we might associate with addictive behaviors; the internet-obsessed spouse becomes disinterested in sex with his wife, and begins spending huge amounts of money and time on pornography, online sex chats, etc.

Indeed, one could even argue that the internet’s supply of free pornography on the internet – focusing on every imaginable dimension of human sexuality – actually real-world adultery in some ways.

A person who is addicted to internet pornography often eschews real world sexual encounters in general.

In the wake of the recent hack, the internet came alive with jokes about joyful divorce attorneys celebrating in the streets over the stolen data from the adultery website.The Huffington Post wrote breathlessly about divorce lawyers bracing for a “tsunami” of new clients as a result of the hack.


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