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Notes prefaced with AWS identify information provided by Alita.)Another source for this line is Jack Leggett of Center, Texas. 532 from the Newbern District is our Lewis and the Lewis Leggett, No. Samuel or someone close to him had the tombstone prepared based on this false information.)Source: LDS microfilm 175768, page 108. The 1821 Georgia Land Lottery shows on page 154 for Putnam County, Legget's District, Lot 56, Section 8, Monroe County. Smith, The Cherokee Land Lottery, 1832, shows on page 191, Alsey Leget widow, Thompson's Dist. As I understand the mortality schedule, it includes all those who died in the year preceding the federal census. [1772 in Va.]In May, 1993, I had a phone conversation with third cousin Clewis Matthew Leggitt, of Shalimar, FL. Don, Sr., summed it up when he said, "It was just a matter of seeing an opportunity and jumping on it."While it seems improbable, it looks like Sam and Mildred had another child born many years after those listed: Database: Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997 June 20, 2005 AM Name: Tracy Elizabeth Leggitt Date of Birth: Gender: Female Birth County: Harris Father's Name: Samuel Hunter Leggitt Mother's Name: Mildred Ellen Pace Roll Number: 1959_0009 Samuel married Mildred Ellen Pace on in Marshall, Calhoun, Michigan. General Notes: The 1992 Phone Disk indicates Hunter Leggitt, 826 W. SHL Sr.- Samuel Hunter Leggitt, Jr., was born in Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall, Michigan, on December 24, 1935. She was married to Joseph Steward Webb of Plainview, Texas, in Houston, Texas, in 1958. Clara Clark Leggitt (Oscar Jack) was born on in Berlin Twp, Roger Mills, Oklahoma. Clara was born while her parents were living on the Pittsburg Ranch north of Berlin.

American Ancestry traces this line from Osborne Legatus to the Reverend Theodore A. (The Catholic Encyclopedia has a detailed definition of Legate at English and Welsh Surname Dictionary says: Leggatt, Leggett, Leggitt, Leggott, Leggate, Leggat. Y., traces nearly 600 of Gabriel's descendants from the late 17th century to the beginning of the 20th century. Buyers: Willoughby Miller., Chas Barber., John Miller., Luke Warburton, John Sutton., John Airs (or Avis.), Wm. Jones, Minute Rogers, Thos Booth, Stephen Garrott, Francis Ward, Benjamin Cory, David Griffin, Isaac gardner, Thos Garrett. New Bern is in Craven County, the same county where Edmund Allums married Winifred Anderson. Alita Sutcliffe, 6501 Folger Drive, Charlotte, NC 28270-5339, for your use and return to me when you find it convenient. If there ever is a problem we will take care of it -- no matter what it is.-(1) Local, 'at the lidgate' (q.v.), an inevitable corruption; 'atte Lidgate' or 'Lidyate' was one of our commonest entries, and must have left many representatives.(2) Offic. This manuscript is available in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, July, 1913. Warburton., Henry Speller., Jas Wilford., LEWIS LEGGETT. Loyalist John Leggett was also in Craven County in 1772 when he was granted three parcels of land in Bladen County and one in Anson County.================================================================ MISCELLANEOUS LEGGETT RECORDS FOR FUTURE RESEARCH ================================================================-------------------------Military Records:-------------------------By the revolutionary war, many Leggetts were in North Carolina. She may still have copies available at the original .00 per copy asking price. We send our people out in the field at the first hint that there may be a problem."But for a company that produces product to be used in conjunction with LP gas, the Leggitt company's record is for safety is extraordinary -- but that's by design, not chance.


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