Sex dating in ghana com

For some like Amarteifo, the transition into a not entirely familiar culture is worthwhile.

“There’s tons of opportunity,” she told but for others like Monyo, who moved back to the US, the creature comforts of the US and the freedom of American culture are just more appealing.

Together the group navigates, love, the pursuit of success, and the journey to self-identity.

READ: Artist Imagines If These Popular TV Shows Starred Black People The masterminds behind “An African City”, writer and creator, Nicole Amarteifo and executive producer, Millie Monyo, modeled the show after their own experiences as ‘returnees’, moving from the United States to Africa as adults.

When you think “Sex & The City” you think cocktails, love lives, and driven women pushing to the top.

Now add in some Ankara print and switch continents to Africa and you’ve got the hit web series “An African City.” Season two of the show premiered on Sunday both on the web and on some local African television networks, billing itself as Africa’s first web show.

Gender roles, manners of etiquette, and even dating are all genuinely different in the Ghanaian capital.

The show taps into a very real population of millennials who moved to Africa as adults after finishing their education in the US.Some reports even state that as many as 3,000 African Americans and Afro-Caribbeans have taken advantage of Ghana’s open-arms policy for transplants with African heritage in the last few years.


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    It's a testament to some of the show's enduring strengths — namely, thoughtful, hyper-articulate mentor Tim Gunn (why say "Good work!

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