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It is the original political wedge: a secondary issue used to divide the other side and bring some of its members into your camp.Wedge issues are usually aimed at the voter’s basic identity; they’re designed to break down reasoned party affiliations by appealing to primal emotions.The anti-immigrant rhetoric now spewing from the mouth of the man whom the Republican Party is expected to nominate next week to vie for the presidency is almost as old as America itself.The Alien and Sedition Acts were passed by a Federalist Congress and signed into law by Adams as a way to silence dissent and keep those Democratic-Republicans from building a majority with the immigrants then flocking to their party.Immigration isn’t the only wedge issue we are likely to see this election season. Republican fund-raisers warn that a President Hillary Clinton could leave us open to a nuclear attack from Iran.



The quotations come from a Pennsylvania newspaper; President John Adams’ nephew, William Shaw; and Adams’s wife, Abigail, respectively.The violent, disruptive foreign regime was that of the French Revolution, supported expressly by Vice President Thomas Jefferson and his Democratic-Republican Party and frequently by the foreign-born pamphleteers and newspaper scribblers they surreptitiously paid to champion it—and to dump opprobrium on the president of the United States and his government.


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