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When President Barack Obama met recently with the mother of James Foley, the U. hostage beheaded in August by Islamic State militants, she said, he told her that freeing her son and the other U. Now he wants to go home, though he may find little more than rejection and suspicion.

Russia's Vladimir Putin won't be on the guest list when President Barack Obama and other world leaders assemble in Germany next week, as part of the punishment for purported Kremlin-supported aggression in Ukraine.

Along Hugo Chavez Boulevard in what might pass for downtown Managua, there stands a curious mini-forest of gigantic fake trees.

They are saffron in color, each a mass of abstract curlicues, and at night they glow.

Over the past few months, Harold Ickes, a longtime ally of Hillary Rodham Clinton, has helped organize private meetings around the country with union leaders, Clinton backers and Democratic strategists.

The pressing topic: Who will step up to be the Democrats' megadonors in the 2016 presidential race?

He believes young people coming into the business can also learn from them.

At least four Americans are being held in Yemen by rebels who toppled the U.

S.-backed government, according to a newspaper report, and the State Department said Saturday that it is "doing everything we can to get these individuals released." China vigorously defended its South China Sea land reclamation projects in the face of persistent criticism from U. leaders at an international security summit Saturday as the standoff in the Asia-Pacific region showed few signs of abating.

FAYETTEVILLE -- Attorneys for condemned double-murderer Gregory Decay are taking one more crack at getting his convictions overturned by the Arkansas Supreme Court, arguing jury selection in the death penalty case was flawed.

Agriculture groups, the association representing Arkansas counties, and some politicians say they still don't trust an Environmental Protection Agency proposal on who will control streams, ditches and wetlands. Martin O' Malley entered the Democratic presidential race Saturday in a challenge to Hillary Rodham Clinton for the 2016 nomination, casting himself as a new-generation leader who would rebuild the economy and change Wall Street.Schieffer will host CBS’ Face the Nation today for the last time after 24 years.


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