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Instead, she reached out to contact jailbirds with “genius-level IQs.” “I started thinking, ‘I want to talk to a sociopath,’ ” said Kreth, 45, an Upper East Sider who’s penned about 600 prison missives to date. The woman’s parents claim she was slowly being poisoned by arsenic. I hope you’re not shy.” Kreth shared details of her own life: work, boyfriends and her struggles with Lyme disease.“Love your look; love your age, Kelly,” Swango replied in a Jan. “You have to give in order to get,” she said, adding that she didn’t begin prying into her prisoners’ sociopathy until they had a rapport. Death,” Swango began marking up the margins of New Yorker articles on supposed psychos, pointing out exactly what a sociopath was thinking.Kreth has been writing to Swango since January 2009.April 2009 I have actually read the WIKIPEDIA entry regarding my sad history. May 2009 Now to the more serious subject about which you are “very curious.” Again, I would be too, and none of your questions upset me or bother me.Multiple factual error/I’m not sure if Google would do any better. The most important thing for me is that I’m not that person anymore.19, 2009 letter, adding, “Would love to get to know you much better. In a story about a British undercover cop who led a double life: two sets of wives, children and even two cats, Swango noted: “I have no doubt he got the cat to avoid having to explain cat hair on his clothing from his real wife and kids.Exquisitely brilliant, Kelly K.” “Sometimes he would sign his letters ‘You know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl,’ ” Kreth said. and ‘OMG we must talk about ebola.’ “It’s darkly funny,” she said.


“He’s a 60 year old guy, who has maybe murdered 60 people, who’s into poison, and writing, ‘hey girl’ . Still, Kreth doesn’t make light of her inmates’ evil deeds.She hopes to one day revive her original plan to write a book on the prison letters. one next-cell-neighbor is yelling into her toilet in order to talk to her girlfriend six cells away,” Pender quips. we continued correspondence,” she said in an e-mail to The Post. Manhattan real-estate publicist Kelly Kreth has sent letters to sociopaths, maniacs and murderers for six years to learn what makes them tick. Kreth’s project, called “Letters from the Inside,” is research — stemming from a search for answers after a dangerous encounter with a man in her life. they were very similar to the person I had been in therapy for in the first place.” Kreth’s rogues gallery includes: “I talked about how the new year is a good time to put some things to rest and start anew,” she said of the letters she sent.Watching true-crime specials, as her therapist recommended, wouldn’t cut it. “I figured if they were in prison for life or on death row, if they had a high IQ . “We all kind of have a commonality, where we’re all in our own prisons — some of our own making.” Dr. Strangely, Kreth has the same initials as Swango’s deceased fiancée who committed suicide.

Once investigators caught on to him, he fled to practice medicine in Zimbabwe.

He was finally cuffed in Chicago in 1997, while waiting to board a flight to a new job in Saudi Arabia.


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