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To that end I journal (albeit not kept that regularly) off the air/internet news events viewed as, abuses, many under color of authority.

The journal substantiates grave abuse, incivility and little if any accountability fostering spying, torturous, lying, propaganda driven jack-boot US police state.

In practice protect and serve applies more to government and their agents, less to the population at large. To log/witness US history replete with police & prosecutor brutality – criminal misconduct & abuse of authority we are all cognizant of: Kent State, Jackson State, Philadelphia satchel charges, William J.

Whitfield, Wounded Knee, Verdell Grant, Patrick Dorismond, Archie Elliott, Ruby ridge, Waco, Amadou Diallo, Rodney King, Nathaniel Levi Gaines.

Received kick-backs to Lock Up Teens, Richard Rodriguez, Ronnie L.

Too long a list of police/legal abuses, misconduct, cover ups and lies.

Continuing with Anthony Baez, Abner Louima, Derwin Pannel, LAPD-Ramparts, Caroline Sue Botticher, Philadelphia PD, LAPD and NYPD’s in general. Dubose, Dexter Herbert, Ruben Vega, Suzanne Pfeil, Jose Colon, Cpl.And on to Thomas Jones, Jonny Gammage, Kenneth Kail, Marshal Studdard, Tyisha Shenee Miller, Gail Atwater ( soccer mom). Again, Daniel Royer, William Gonzalez, Sean Bell, Kathryn Johnson, Sofia Salva, Douglas Morrill Peek, Police Officer Robert Henry Sylva, Officer Donald Hynes, Valley Interagency Narcotics Team, Offficer Anthony Abbate, Fire Island PD, Dr. Edward Sanchez, FBI act I, Mark Ethan Mc Fall, Michael Franklin, Robin Petrovic, Mike Nifong, Mc Martin preschool trial, Chicago PD.


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