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), Portland was still opening sweet new bars and restaurants, at least 19 of 'em in fact, ranging from dim sum and Mexican-chicken spots, to burger slingers and fancy Frenchtaurants. One of the neighborhoods to keep an eye on, the South Waterfront is slowly starting to come into its own as all those condos begin to fill.The locals have wanted a nicer establishment and the former chef de cuisine of Lincoln has come to answer their prayers.It's a small space so they encourage takeout but they do offer micheladas if you stay.


Another new bar that focuses on a wide array of taps and a plethora of bottles, The Civic’s home near the Timber’s stadium is sure to be a boon come spring. Look for five different cuts with a wide variety of seasonings and sauces.The space is airy with vaulted ceilings and exposed concrete. Burgers are served “on the side.” Cutting his teeth at the decadent sandwich haven Lardo, Alex Mc Gillivray decided he knew what this city needed: poutine.


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