Sex dating in walkersville maryland

But after a while, tension began building up and the two women started exchanging suspicious looks.

The first wife set the ball rolling when she sympathised with her husband by quipping: “Ei yawa chuora, to ang’o ma otimi ma koro gini e dwa mana ng’oli ni yawa jowa (Oh my husband, what happened to you that nearly incapacitated you?

The first wife, in a well-calculated move, warmed up to her co-wife and even agreed to show her where she lives.

It all began after a secretly polygamous mechanic was involved in an accident at the garage where he works, forcing him to be admitted at a local hospital.

Apparently, a car engine he was repairing fell on his leg, seriously injuring him. His second wife, who coincidentally lives near the hospital, was the first one to arrive at the hospital, minutes after he informed her.

Despite the passing of the Marriage Bill into law, a couple of men still run secret families.This came to light recently after a woman in Kisumu County nearly dispatched her co-wife to the other world, after she rudely discovered her husband had a secret family.


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