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Most historical writings about West Hollywood began in the late-18th century with European colonization when the Portuguese explorer João Rodrigues Cabrilho arrived offshore and claimed the already inhabited region for Spain.Around 5,000 of the indigenous inhabitants from the Tongva Indian tribe canoed out to greet Juan Cabrillo.By 1780, what became the "Sunset Strip" was the major connecting road for El Pueblo de Los Angeles, and all ranches westward to the Pacific Ocean.West Hollywood benefits from a very dense, compact urban form with small lots, mixed land use, and a walkable street grid.According to Walkscore, a website that ranks cities based on walkability, West Hollywood is the most walkable city in California with a Walkscore of 89.Residential neighborhoods in West Hollywood include the Norma Triangle, West Hollywood North, West Hollywood West, West Hollywood East, and West Hollywood Heights, all of which are only a few blocks long or wide.Major intersecting streets typically provide amenities within walking distance of adjacent neighborhoods.The Tongva tribe was a nation of hunter-gatherers known for their reverence of dance and courage.



Snow is rare in West Hollywood, with the last accumulation occurring in 1949.

Rainfall is sparse (only 13 inches annually), and falls mainly during winter months.


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