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This talk is geared toward teen groups interested in defining dating & sexual violence, understanding the affects, and learning methods to having healthy relationships, and provide tips to advocate for survivors.You’ll hear about how our programs have changed over the years to best meet the needs of families and learn how individuals and community groups can become involved and be advocates for families supported by YWCA Richmond.Domestic Violence & Intimate Partner Violence Awareness This talk is for groups interested in learning about domestic violence, including the warning signs, barriers to leaving an abusive relationship, and cycle of abuse.This talk also encourages participants to think critically about how domestic violence affects people from different populations and highlights the affects as well as methods to providing help to those individuals who experience violence.

YWCA Richmond has been supporting the community since 1887 with services and programs to help families in the Richmond area.

Today, YWCA Richmond serves at-risk children with quality, comprehensive childcare and survivors of domestic and sexual violence with rescue, recovery, and life-rebuilding programs that foster emotional, social, and economic stability.


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