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Beyond just the low number of Muslims in the country, there is another problem.

According to the Public Religion Research Institute, which did a study of how various religious groups perceive gay marriage, 42 percent of American Muslims support same-sex marriage.

The ancient, bland doyen of the religious Right, Phyllis Schlafly -- a conspiracist, fanatical Catholic, anti-feminist, anti-gay mother of a gay son -- has been wheeled out yet again to pontificate about "Cakegate," that sad attempt by daft conservatives to turn cakes into the last battle of the culture war.

The war to "Christianize" America sputters to an end with the Bittereinders circling the wagons in a last ditch effort to stop gays from eating wedding cake.

If this matched the bakery situation then there are around 31 Muslim-owned bakeries, which are also anti-gay.

The chance of randomly walking into one of them would be one in 194, the odds of walking into one and ordering a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage is vastly smaller.

I assume there are some Muslim bakers and photographers and other people who have been harassed, but they're not being attacked and they're not being criticized. Well, first, how many bakeries are there in the country?

There are 6,000 retail bakeries in the United States.

How many of them have been involved in the "Cakegate" controversies?

I find two: Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado and Sweet Cakes in Oregon.


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