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Be it while driving or while crossing the road, mobile phone can be a potential distraction.

According to the WHO, we now have a lot of research showing an increased risk of traffic accidents with mobile usage (3-4 times greater).

Major contributing factors to interrupted sleep pattern are getting awakened in the middle of the night due to mobile rings and vibration and increased use of mobiles post-evening until midnight.

Whether you’re an i Phone, flip phone or a Blackberry user, the chances that you check your phone aggressively while travelling is undoubtedly higher.

Here are some health risks of mobile phones you should be aware of: As reported by the World Health Organisation (WHO), mobile phones emit radiofrequency (RF) fields a 1000 times greater than what is emitted from base stations.



And no one has really used a mobile phone for that long.Radiation from cell phones is not only associated with cancer but also with chronic diseases like heart problems.Although there is no clear evidence suggesting that exposure to RF fields increases the risk of cancer, but the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified RF as a possible carcinogen in humans.However, a recent study by Swedish researchers found no link between use of mobile phone and cancer and brain tumours.

Somehow night-time has always been favourite among regular chatting and gossiping freaks.

But do you know that’s the main reason why you are sleep deprived? One of them is a cohort study by Sara Thoméeet al which found that high mobile phone use was associated with sleep disorders.


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