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All content appeared on this site is the property of its owners. That's because they are 'the highest percentage of people (who) were happy with the balance of work and leisure, as well as feeling good about their lifestyle.' This epidemic over 35 years old. I was 55-years-old, and yet my Christian upbringing still had a stranglehold on my sexuality.


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    Anyone can call the advocate directly for assistance such as a hospital escort, discuss campus judicial options, safety plan, or answer any other questions/concerns.

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    The new data do not quash the idea of Neanderthals eking out survival almost until the last glacial maximum in the southernmost Iberian Peninsula, since material from Gorham’s Cave could not be dated.

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    A cast of three actors – Ali Bryce, Libby Northedge, and Toronto-born, Ireland-raised Michael Condron – play multiple roles with gusto, channeling a mock-serious, Monty Pythonesque knack for the absurd along the way. The framing premise here is that an ardent fan recruits two friends to do a G. Truth be told, though, this framing device, positing a show within a show, adds nothing of value to the mix.

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