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All the above is disturbingly true in too many cases.But this does not mean that young teenagers have suddenly become fair game, or that an adult is justified in taking sexual advantage of them.Too many people still believe that a woman in skimpy clothes - particularly if she has had a couple of drinks - is fair game for sexual harrassment, and even rape.I have no intention of delving into the actual merits of the case.


Shaming any female for the way she dresses is wrong.When that female is a child, the wrongness reaches stratospheric levels.When a child - and a 13-year-old is a child, no matter how 'wise' she (I use the female pronoun consciously) seems - is sexually compromised, the fault always lies with the adult. Unfortunately, a sizeable section of internet experts seem to believe that if a 13-year-old puts on make-up and a miniskirt, then she is being 'provocative'' and 'asking for it'.There is no polite way to say this, so I will just call it as it is: such statements are stupid and irresponsible .

Comments related to the issue were divided in two, clear opposing camps; the afore-mentioned 'stone him now' group and the equally-worrying '13-year-olds nowadays are sluts, so it's ok for an adult to engage sexually with them'.The hive mind's argument goes something along these lines: today's teenagers are very sexually aware. And - shock horror - they run around in very skimpy clothing and hooker heels.


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