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In this scene the main character, Glyn, is given a copy by a government agent, see: Journal... I feel rather envious of the author actually because the story is built around his visit to the International UFO Congress in ; this is one conference I've wanted to attend more than any other.The book has the feel of a road trip story and throughout he is accompanied by his friend and colleague John Lundberg, and a few HPANWO-readers may be familiar with that name, see: .He was one of the speakers and was also publicizing his new book Mirage Men- a Journey in Disinformation, Paranoia and UFO's.I intended to buy a copy then and review it, but other duties got in the way; but better late than never!Pilkington used to be a UFO-believer himself to the point where he describes himself as "obsessed".Since then he has become far more sceptical, and Skeptical, of the whole subject and Mirage Men is a last-ditch attempt to clear up the truth about the subject once and for all..At the end of the book he has another sighting of a spider-like object hanging in the sky; this might make the reader wonder how he reconciles these experiences with the rest of the story when he explains his theory; you see Pilkington believes that UFO's are actually an elaborate hoax perpetrated on the population by the Iluminati-occupied governments. I don't think it's "bleeding obvious" at all that these objects are all man-made.


It's been a while since I've done a detailed book review and it's good to get back into that field. But if they are all separate people we'll have to call them the 118-118 triplets.My first thought was how much Pilkington resembled Carl Miller and Jamie Bartlett... Has anybody ever seen the three of them in the same place together!? Because I saw his speech I got the general gist of the book's theme and decided that it should play a role in my new novel The Obscurati Chronicles, the draft of which can be read free online. Mirage Men is his second book and comes out of Constable instead of his own imprint Strange Attractor Press, see link above.He saw a silvery metallic reflective sphere about eight feet across and it passed no less than fifty feet above his head while he was changing a wheel on his car, so this no brief flash of light glimpsed through the trees.What's more there were two other people in the car who witnessed the phenomenon too. John Lundberg is of course the leader of Circlemakers, Britain's, and therefore the world's, top planker team, see: While they were at Congress they had a good laugh at the crop circle speakers, saying "I made that" whenever the speaker mentioned a specific formation.


This book is all about what the author calls "UFOria", which is a homophone of "euphoria" and is his term for an enthusiastic interest in UFO's.

People who suffer from UFOria are called by another witticism: "saucerers".


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