Some intellectuals in the adjoining towns have contacted celebrated mathematicians to calculate the "gyratik radius" – the furthest distance at which you can feel the influence of a gyrating witch.

They plan to be outside the "africamotive field" of influence (determined by the gyratic radius) of the conference as a safety measure.

Any owl that is seen in the forest must be kicked, crashed, shot or stoned to death.

Conspicuously missing in these activities is a libation ceremony to invoke the protection of the ancestors. Why invoke the spirit of the ancestors against the witches when every ancestor including my 79 year old grandfather was killed by a witch? As I mentioned in my first Sakalogue on witches, the easiest way to identify a witch in a village is to look for a defenseless woman whose face is battered by want, leaving little beauty to be cherished.

Dan Blocker, the chairman of Hyiawu Besease Macho Men (HBMM) has organized his boys to show courage in a way that has annoyed many animal rights activists.

The Macho men will take turns in keeping vigil in the forests of the town.



A day of prayer and fasting was declared at which the people came together and called on Jehovah to send down warrior angels to scatter the heretic breed.

But if this happens anywhere in Africa, don't attempt to access anything from that temple using any of your five senses, flee immediately.

In my earlier Sakalogue on the activities of the witches of Ghana, I told you these chaps are not friendly, they are deadly.

The people of Hyiawu-Besease in the Bosomtwe Kwanwoma District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana are dead worried because the Association of Witches in West Africa (AWWA) has scheduled its annual conference for the town.

The chief and people of the town are doing everything under the sun to scuttle these eerie creatures even before the meeting begins.It is believed that a witches spiritually fly out of their body frames taking the form of owls as they hounds their prey.


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