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In the form of microwaves, radiation from cell phones, called “radiofrequency fields” (RF), have been experimentally manipulated on animals and humans alike, and the “specific absorption rate” (SAR) measures the amount of RF absorbed by the body from a mobile handset. Assesment of RF radiation levels in the vicinity of 60 GSM mobile phone base stations in Iran.

That being said, on what basis did they base these “standards” on?

To understand this, we must go into the science behind this type of radiation.

How many times have you been told to get off the phone before a Motorola-shaped tumor starts growing in your head?

Apart from exceeding your monthly minutes, this parental measure may also prevent costly hospital bills.

Let me first admit that I am not a disinterested observer here: I write for “The Second Pass”; its founding editor, John Williams, is a close friend; and the redoubtable Penguin Press has published both of my novels.

Having said all of that I would say this anyway: the trailer for Thomas Pynchon’s “Inherent Vice” is perfect.

Prepare to be dazzled with the rich and vibrant rainbow of colored stones we offer.

We can distinguish natural versus synthetic stones as well as treated versus enhanced stones.Whatever the size, shape,or quality of stone you desire, we either have it or can find it.When comparing risk-perception surveys between 20, French researchers noticed a 20.4% increase in people who considered living near a tower to “increase risk of cancer.” Addressing its own citizens’ concerns about these budding structures, an Iranian study went so far as to measure radiation exposure levels and ensured that they fell within both national and global standards. Currently, the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection and Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers have recommended safety exposure guidelines to protect the occupationally exposed and general public, adding regulations to limit exposure to about 0.4 W/kg and 0.08 W/kg, respectively. Nittby, H., Brun, A., Eberhard, J., Malmgren, L., Persson, B.

The global community has feared the dangers of radiation from these mobile devices as cell phone usage has continued to exponentially increase. Increased blood-brain barrier permeability in mammalian brain 7 days after exposure to radiation from a GSM-900 mobile phone.

Not surprisingly, people neighboring cell phone towers have begun to worry over adverse effects of their close proximity.


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