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🙂 And no, I never had to lie or present a front, because I’ve always known that this isn’t the right way to attract real love.Then he said, “You know, take it as a friend giving advice.“But I’m not going to and tell people that I’ve been in relationships when I haven’t.“Yeah, but if you tell guys that you’ve always been single, it’s not going to help.Arabic, the national and official language of Syria – a country in Western Asia bordering Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel and the Mediterranean Sea – is spoken by most of the population in one form or another, sometimes with differing dialects based on ethnicity or geographic location.Modern Arabic is descended from the ancient Classical Arabic language.He took a sip from his drink, almost as if he needed to regain composure from what he just heard.Just not zero.” I paused, trying to hide my incredulous look while cautiously piecing together a diplomatic response.


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We were talking about relationships (both of us were single), and he asked me how many relationships I had been in before.

And I have many guy friends.” It didn’t help that my acquaintance-friend was a presentable guy in his 30s, which left me wondering if there were really other guys who would think this way too.

While I had been on dates and had been in budding romances before, none of them culminated to anything, so I regarded myself as always single.

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