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He said so far he has not seen "strong evidence" raised that the alleged violence happened by the janitors or Bantleman and Tjiong.

"I think they all should be acquitted," Harsono said.

You shake you head and go how the hell are we here nine months later?

" Guy Bantleman (right) lights a candle at the vigil for his brother, Neil Bantleman, who could face up to 12-years in an Indonesian prison if found guilty of child sex assault charges. Guy Bantleman said his brother's case is only in place so the parents of the alleged victims can continue with a 5-million civil suit against the JIS, an expensive school for Jakarta's elite and international diplomats' children.

Journalist Andreas Harsono covers Indonesia for Human Rights Watch, and previously spoke with CBC Hamilton about the case.

Neil's wife, Tracy Bantleman, who also teaches at the school, has been at the trial providing updates to media throughout the nine-month ordeal with Guy Bantleman.


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