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“The women were raped, not once or twice but ten, twenty, thirty and a hundred times, and it was all the same to the Russians whether they raped mere children or old women. As there was no light, everything was done by pocket torches, and we did not even know what the beasts looked like.”[3] As we shall see, this is not an isolated case.

“The youngest victim in the row houses where we lived was ten years of age and the oldest one was over seventy. How would you feel if your entire family was literally raped in public, in churches, around the clock, and in broad daylight—sometimes right in front of you?

They quickly grabbed the first of the girls, and bent her backwards over the edge of the table until her joints cracked.

How would you react if your mother was raped in your presence, or if your young sister was literally sexually tortured just two steps away from where you stand?

After a German by the name of Leonora was forcefully told to undress some German young girls for the Soviets, “The Commissar told me to watch and learn how to turn the Master Race into whimpering bits of misery.”[4] Listen to what happened next: “Now two Poles came in, dressed only in trousers, and the girls cried out at their sight.

I certainly was quite pleased and honored when a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to review Thomas Goodrich’s worth your time.

Goodrich is to be recommended for this painstakingly laborious work.




One witness acknowledged, “The Russians were coming and going the whole time and they kept eyeing us greedily. Without any consideration for my mother and aunt, who had to get out of bed, we were raped by the Russians, who always held a machine pistol in one hand.The nights were dreadful because we were never safe for a moment. I am sure that wild and hungry animals would not have behaved any differently.” Then this moving account by a young girl: “When we were lying in bed at night we kept hearing steps coming up the stairs. “They lay in bed with their dirty boots on, until the next lot came.


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