Sexwebside all allow users to upload pictures online directly from their camera phones., a service launched last year on Verizon mobile phones and expanded recently to Cingular customers, is a social network that lets users view pictures and profiles posted by people in their area and allows them to post their own content.

Text America is one of the oldest, and largest moblogs, with more than half a million users. The Rabble site currently shows 24,093 current users.

Since then, its become the most viewed moblog on the site.

According to The Star (Malaysia), Tammy was a 17-year-old Singapore student who filmed herself having sex with her boyfriend on her videophone.



While not yet as popular as text blogs, moblog sites have seen their registered members and page views skyrocket in the past year.

What makes these moblog sites so unique and appealing is the spontaneous quality of the often-grainy images, says Sarah Lane, host of G4TVs Attack of the Show, who started up a moblog on Text America in 2003.

Accordingly, the number of services available to post cell phone photos and videos on the Web has also increased dramatically.

Moblogs, or photo blogging sites such as Text America ( Yafro ( and Buzznet (

Everyone does it [films video clips of themselves], even my friends. This raises the question: are camera phones and the Internet a perfect match or a perfect storm?Moblogs on the move As their quality has improved and their cost has fallen, camera phones have become increasingly popular, now making up about 40 percent of the wireless phone market, according to a report by communications research firm In-Stat/MDR. estimated that 7.5 billion camera phone pictures were taken, up from 4 billion the year before.


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