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Healthy ecosystems look more beautiful, provide habitat and food for our native and domestic animals, improve the water quality in streams and reduce damage caused from floods.Human health is also linked to healthy environments.We work in all environments using methods ranging from delicate hand weed removal, to backpack spraying or bulk spraying from a customised spray vehicle.We even have specially trained staff to work where ropes access is needed.Shop for settings and mountings by style or by brand, including Wrap-Tite®, Cab-Tite™, Sure-Set™ and Snap-Tite®.

Ring, earring, pendant settings and more help designers create quick, beautiful jewelry with calibrated cabochons, Swarovski® crystals, faceted gems, Apoxie® Sculpt and other favorite jewelry-making supplies.Blue Tongue Ecosystems is happy to work on small jobs that may only need a day or so, but we also have the capacity for large scale works that extend over a number of years.


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