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Female sexuality is a source of confusion and frustration for many men due to misinformation.As a therapist, I have come across a number of issues faced by couples.This is a look behind the scenes to aid understanding of a universal social issue.For the sake of privacy, each writer is identified only by her marital status.This leads to misunderstandings and disappointments about wanting sex, initiating intimacy, and/or feeling excitement when sexual stimulation occurs.This series of articles contains the perspectives of several Muslim women at different stages of life who have grown up and lived in different parts of the world, East and West, and want to share some insights with Muslim men – both married and unmarried – who don't want sexually repressed, bitter spouses and failing marriages.May Allah bless all of us with loving, passionate, and fulfilling intimate lives.


Others think that women are not capable of being fulfilled sexually.Due to a lack of knowledge, experience and know-how, a multitude of men are not fulfilling their wives.The Author and Administrator for Contact indians club Mrs Mallika is an expert in researching Mobile telephone Dating and Relationships Trends in India and for Indian abroad in many countries.Many men and women in our communities live under the illusion that only men feel desire or have an interest in being sexual, and that women should not or cannot feel attraction, do not experience sexual pleasure, and can live healthy intimate lives without sexual satisfaction for lengthy periods of time.

We already have issues with Muslim women not being sexually satisfied in their marriages, and these issues are exacerbated when women hesitate before approaching a male scholar to discuss their sexual challenges.

It is time for us to acknowledge a serious problem we are facing in our Ummah: the issue of female sexuality.


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