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So at 50, you can date men 10, 15, even 20 years younger than you, as well as men your own age and older. READ: Can a Significant Age Gap Ruin Your Relationship?

Should you choose to focus on younger men, here are five reasons why males in their 30s want to date hot 50-something women like you: By the time you reach 50, you know yourself pretty well.

These men are open to relationships; they just don't want that long-term commitment and family responsibility.

You offer him a great opportunity for companionship and romance without the pressure of kids. That means you know that dating a younger man may be a heckuva lot of fun, but it also might not lead to anything deeper or serious. You don't mind a little romantic distraction, and feel flattered and enlivened by a younger man's attention.

That means you have more self-confidence, which is very attractive to all men.

He's not yet stuck in his ways, and is far more likely to try new things with a sense of adventure.

Yet, you recognize that your relationship is not as likely to last long-term.


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