And the street is privately owned along with the properties that line it.

Udom Patponsiri, Patpongpanich's eldest son, inherited the land and built shophouses along the road that his father built.

Udom then found tenants for the buildings and the area evolved into the world's most famous red light district. He studied at the London School of Economics from 1936 to 1938 after his early education in Thailand.

He returned to Thailand in 1940 but was then sent to finish his formal education at the University of Minnesota in the United States where he earned a business degree.

Thailand's Government supported Japan in World War II and so, like many Thai students then in the US, Udom joined the pro-Allied Free Thai Movement.

He received training from the US Army and from what was to become the CIA at Fort Benning, Georgia.

He was to return to Thailand in 1945 to work as an undercover agent but the war ended.

In the '50s, Udom developed his family's real estate interests, of which Patpong was the largest.

Patpongpanich is said to have paid 60,000 baht (then about $US2400) for the land. One of the greatest is that prostitution is actually illegal in Thailand: this in a country with the world's most infamous commercial sex sector.At one time or another, most Asia hands will have visited Patpong, the famous nightclub and commercial sex district in the heart of Bangkok. It was used as a Japanese military headquarters in World War II.Patpong was quickly transformed into a nightclub zone.

He bought it with the intention of building a house for his brothers and sisters and cut a road through the property to connect Silom and Suriwong Roads.This road is what is known as Patpong 1 Road today.


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