Shakira dating online dating names for men

Here, however, de la Rua might actually have a case.

He was his father’s campaign manager during his winning Presidential run and had extensive marketing experience when he and Shakira started dating.

That acknowledges some type of business relationship between the two did exist, but whether or not that agreement is woth 0 million probably depends on how optimistic of a person you are.

A steamy appearance by tennis champion Rafael Nadal in a new music video by Shakira has sparked rumors that the hotties may be more than just friends.


According to US Magazine, the business agreement was never put in writing, but after they broke up, Shakira released a statement saying they’d continue to be business partners.While she is reluctant to wed, they have been together nine years and, she says, have been totally monogamous. Nadal, meanwhile, is dating his high school sweetheart, Maria Francisca Perello, and his rep denied a romantic relationship between the "good friends." Friends may be all they are, but Shakira has still seen Rafael Nadal shirtless up close and in the flesh.


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