Shiv raaj ratnam dating dating stages after divorce


The overcast weather did not prevent participants from joining the workshop, which was conducted at am to pm, at Raja Aziz Addruse Auditorium, Straits Trading Building, Kuala Lumpur, on (Thursday).

Approximately 44 participants attended the workshop. The Registrar of the High Court of Malaya, Puan Sabariah bt Othman, has extended to us a copy of Arahan Amalan Pendaftar Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya Bilangan 2 Tahun 2016 (Arahan Amalan 2/2016), dated , which states the eligibility criteria that a licensed auctioneer must fulfil to handle foreclosure proceedings and public auction of immovable properties at the High Court of Malaya.

As a service to Members of the Bar and pupils in chambers, we publish the Bar Council library update on a periodic basis.

The update is a current awareness alert to Members and pupils in chambers on the latest developments in legislation and new library acquisitions.

We are open every Monday to Friday from am to pm, and Saturday from am to pm.

The Johore Bar is once again distressed to record the passing of yet another of its senior members the late Renganathan s/o Letchumanan (Renga) who passed away in Johor Bahru on .

On completing secondary schooling, Renga joined the Rubber Research Institute (RRI) as a Research Assistant.


That Renga was to a large extent a self-made successful lawyer is plain from his antecedents.Arahan Amalan Pendaftar Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya Bilangan 2 Tahun 2015 dated (which was issued as Bar Council Circular No 025/2016 dated and is accessible here) is thereby revoked.


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    Some men I know are quick to point a finger and say, “This woman has serious daddy issues,” or “I will never date a woman who refuses to trust me.” While some of us may secretly seek from a partner what mommy or daddy never gave us, can we agree that everyone faces their obstacles in relationships whether it’s a mommy, daddy, or ex-partner issue?

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    Kids all over the nation are in for a treat as their favorite television show is about to come to life!

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