Shoutcast song title not updating 608 local chatlines

From the resulting Tune URL, use the last set of digits for your station Id. Some broadcasting software make it easy to use our AIR API via a plugin or with input fields specifically created for your Tune In station Id, partner Id and partner Key to be placed in.Airtime Pro provides instructions for adding API credentials to their software here Broadcast Electronics' The Radio Experience includes a plugin.You can contact My Auto DJ for their widget support here.Please note that SHOUTcast Widgets is a third party solution that is not affiliated with Tune In in any way.Requests to the Air API are very simple: Output Check the status code for success or failure result (200 means success) For now playing updates, please submit only once at the start of the song.Do not use a timer to submit a song, or submit a song multiple times.


You may get blocked if you send in too many requests in a short period.

Make sure to include an "s" before your station ID.


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