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Britt was caught on camera, ranting and insulting the employee after her car got towed. It was later announced by ESPN that Mc Henry had been suspended for a week following the video controversy. #Keep Curt Schilling #Fire Britt Mc Henry GRg0f9BOs — Tom Gulley (@atomicpalooka) September 4, 2015 People can be mean sometimes, can’t they? Now folks, let’s move on to her life that she barely share with the public, a mean thing to do Britt.

Even though the towing company forgave Britt for the misbehaving action, there were thousands of people demanding her to be fired immediately. Britt Mc Henry was the native of Mount Holly Township, New Jersey.

They even started a petition with the hashtag #Fire Britt Mc Henry on Twitter, calling her a bully and 3800 signatures were taken demanding her to be fired. She played soccer during her high school and college years.

It’s not very clear who Mc Henry was dating back then, but she sure was ecstatic to return to DC after two weeks. Fame comes at a price, well this is what people say most of the times.

Now the question remains, is she still in a relationship with the same guy? And what price did our beloved, always smiling, gorgeous reporter, Britt Mc Henry had to pay? Back on 2015, a video surfaced on the internet featuring Britt and a parking lot attendant.

Since she worked in Washington DC for several years, she was somewhat linked emotionally with the place.

There were some reasons for Britt to come back to Washington DC.

While her love for Washington and her career path was one of the factors, she even stated in an interview with the Sports Junkies, that her decision was solely based on professional desires and not a personal relationship. We know she is very hush-hush when it comes to her personal life, even her Instagram account is private (c’mon Britt, it’s not like we are going to stalk you all the time, we just need a little inside to your private life).

But haven’t we given you, our beloved readers the crucial information before?

In the same interview, she revealed that a “Skype relationship” is not her cup of tea (something smells fishy here).

A smile that has won millions of heart, but what is the real relationship status of the controversial reporter, Britt Mc Henry and also the real reason why many people hate her; this is what we are about to find out. Formerly working as a sports reporter and fill-in anchor for ABC Television’s affiliate WJLA-TV, in Washington DC, she was offered a position of a sideline reporter at Fox Sports in San Diego.Surrounded by controversy, the life of Britt Mc Henry is somewhat unknown to us all. First, she took the job and moved to San Diego, considering her bright future there, but later she realized that it was a wrong move.


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