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One brand of pen that we can safely recommend is the Fine Art Print Pricelist Fine Art Paper Range Digigraphie® Pricelist Preparing your Files Sending your Files Handling of Fine Art Prints Signing Photographs and Prints Right Brain is certfied to produce prints to the Digi Graphie Standard.

Read more about what this means in our Digigraphie Section.

If you do this make sure your pen is archival quality (i.e.


During framing it can then be decided whether or not to reveal this border-signature by changing the size of the mount board aperture.

Some people prefer not to see a signature; it is really a personal preference and sometimes worth discussing with the client/recipient.- if signed at the front on the mat or in the border of the print it is common to put a signature sometimes accompanied by the date in the bottom-right-corner.

If you have any doubt about the constituents of the ink in a pen then it is usually better to just not take the risk.

Many pens can damage the media and ultimately will fade to unexpected colours and this will not be evident immediately.

Contrary to popular belief, most permanent markers like the Sharpie are not permanent at all and when it comes to light exposure will fade and discolour.

Many so-called permanent pens and gel rollers contain solvents and acids which can antagonize the print.


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