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It’s no wonder that some not-so-friendly people are taking up your time. He talked about his recent divorce, but didn’t bad-mouth his ex.

Now, she is smarter about the men she meets online. If you’re interested in a man who says he makes six figures and yet at random times all day long he’s online emailing you – and probably countless others – chances are he doesn’t have that great job he talks about.

“When I should have been paying attention to what he was saying, I was only paying attention to how his words made me feel.” Tip #2: Watch out for correspondence where daters overuse words like ‘never’ (I’ve never met anyone like you before.) and ‘always’ (I feel like I’ve been waiting for you, always.).

Instead, you have to watch the language that is used.

“When we were emailing, Ben kept telling me things like ‘I feel like we’ve known each other forever.’ I’ll admit, I was very flattered and I let that color my overall common sense and self-protective nature,” said Christine.


Ben had all the right answers, and Christine says he was a prompt emailer. Pushiness is much easier to spot in person, because we can see the shifty eyes, the sweaty palms or the shifting-foot-to-foot stance of someone who isn’t being 100% honest.

If you ask hard questions and your online interest has a pat answer back to you within a few minutes, tread carefully. Pushiness online is so much more difficult to diagnose because through email and IM you can’t hear a voice, see an expression or read the body language.


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