Simpsons flanders dating video

They stick around for a while, until the rest of the town shows up for the race, and take their seats.

And wouldn’t you know, they’re right in front of the Flanders, who get to deal with the Simpsons swearing and shirtlessness.


But their lovely afternoon is messed up when a car comes careening into their picnic.Unfortunately, she comes back right as all the ladies fire their cannons at Homer, at which point he bends down to get a bobby pin, causing all of the t-shirt to hit Maude, and knock her off the damn grandstand. Maude Flanders, wife of Ned Flanders, was just killed by a barrage of t-shirts. Anyway, we cut straight to the funeral, where the Simpsons are getting ready to host everyone, and take care of Ned.So let’s start things off with the random killing of secondary character!The episode starts off with the Simpsons getting ready for a little family outing that was clearly picked by Lisa.


The driver hops out and briefly chats with the Simpsons before agreeing to take Bart for a drive around the track, even though we just saw him have a fiery crash.So Bart goes for a brief trek around the track, and the driver gives the family some tickets to the real race.


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