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""You have read the book so you know how worthless it is.Anyway, while Dalida Barakat has been wasting our time, I've been doing some digging and found out that one of Queen Hatshepsut's secret lairs is beneath one of the houses in this very town!Loot the treasure chest to get the keystone and then once you have it, report in with it.Ask him to explain and I'm sure he'll talk your ear off with his nonsense.""Yes I do need some help about proving that one of my ancestors was a consort to Queen Hatshepsut.I'm running down a lead and will need your help soon. To make the jewelry, I will need 4 pieces of Alabaster.

You should check it out for clues." Find the tomb icon on the map and visit the house.

To get into the tomb, look on the left side (if you were looking at the front) and you'll find a hole in the ground and some discolored stone behind it. You have to be invited into the house before you can use the stairs that are revealed.

I have a good idea about helping Ameen Moussa though. Bring the gems to me and you will be paid for your troubles.

This should help poor Ameen Moussa out with romance.""I have another idea to aid my friend in love.

Once you're down the stairs, look for a pedestal almost behind the stairs with a keystone on it.

Grab the treasure from the room and then use the keystone you just got to open the door.


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