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; D//Here's the run down//You're playing your very own character and you're the newest lucky human student to study at the W Academy of History and World Culture! (okay I'll stop now...sorry)I'm spending all my hobby time on this :3The Demo is out now and I am currently working on ACT I which should be released sometime soon...hopefully?If you wish to pursue a romance with them, then have at it! THIS IS SO FREAKY IT ACTUALLY WORKSAbsolutely love this game!There are 11 date-able characters in the game (6 programmed in so far) and dating one will change the course of your gameplay. I can't wait to see what the finished product will be like!Characters: *♥=Romance-able-Spain ♥-Romano ♥-Italy ♥-America ♥-England ♥-China ♥-Canada ♥-Prussia ♥-Austria ♥-Germany ♥-Japan ♥-France ♥-Russia ♥-Ukraine-Hungary-Norway -Iceland -Sweden -Denmark -Finland**Nordic countries will be romance-able in the future, please give suggestions as to which ones you guys would prefer most in the comments There are characters on this list not entirely part of the main plot yet but most definitely planned in, other countries may be added to this list upon request What Compelled You To Start This? Okay so if this really IS the case that this exists, seriously show me because I'd like to play it. Thanks for all the input- some people made some comments that made me realize:#1 I left out China and fabulous )#2 I HAVEN'T DONE ANY FRICKEN NORDIC COUNTRIES lol sorry about this guys x D idk why I forget them alot I will add them as well- tell me which ones you would like as romance-able and I will get to work! Making a game project like this would be hard (Especially for me... *laughs insanely* *cough* Sorry, any who, I love the game and can't wait until this updates! (It also appears to mean 'Pretty' but it's just a word with more meanings)That translation for recht is wrong, its basically to the right and richtig isn't really used by germans in that way anyways.


(So you can imagine why it may take me A WHILE)I plan to try and get a rough draft of this game done so that I can go back and smoothen it out, add stuff etc. Also, I don't know if you take suggestions to improve the game, but I was thinking maybe allow the player to create their own avatar, or something.

There will be a prologue (a quite long one,too), several acts, and in each act you will meet more countries and have different quests/storylines. I started to actually program it as a visual novel but became too lazy, and also didn't want to make a bunch of art. You don't have to add that in, I was just thinking maybe that would be a good idea. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible.


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