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It caught the attention of British newspaper Daily Mail, which interviewed them. Mr Azar, an analyst for international start-up companies Growth Cast and One Bit, told The New Paper: "If we were at a bar and we saw a guy she would like, I would try to get his phone number for her because she would like the experience." Ms Jacob, a freelance writer, does the same for her husband, saying that it was a mutual decision to "open ourselves up to others".She added: "We fell in love hard and fast when we were young and I love my husband for it."But there are still so many things I want to experience." DATES Since last November, the couple have been using Tinder to help each other meet dates.Since marriage is a common goal for a dating couple, let's look at the data we do have.According to the table, 532 Caucasian male + Chinese females couples were married in 2015, whereas only 52 Caucasian female + Chinese male couples were married the same year.


Know this, though: Caucasian female + Chinese male relationships are on the rise.

Tell that to the aunties on the MRT who keep giving me side-eye when I hold my husband's hand.

Thus, there were 10.23 x as many Caucasian male + Chinese female marriages as Caucasian female + Chinese male marriages.

We can speculate endlessly over why one type of couple is more common than the other, but many of the hypotheses are weak at best.


Canadian Eddy Azar, 22, and Singaporean Asha Jacob, 20, believe in letting their spouses date other people.The couple's marriage arrangement and their use of social media app Tinder to find dates for each other did not go unnoticed.


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