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We have been going since 2007 and unlike some other emo sites we're here to stay!

so uk has similarities to other online communities, but it's intended for Emo's and related scenesters.

Many anti-emo sites have developed but so Emo isn't intended to be one!

It's important to realise stereotypes exist and people moan/debate about them though... The aim is to have Emo people neatly on one site like an Emo portfolio but also an Emo community with user interaction.

Hopefully it'll become useful whether you're just checking out Emo haircuts and clothing (to get the Emo scene look) or joining to seek out other Emo kids / Scene kids.


Foremost is an interest in and passion for everything about the Emo scene.There is space for a useful and friendly Emo scene online community.


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