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Making Charlestown, Massachusetts, his permanent home, he assisted in founding the church there in 1632, and became deacon, selectman, ensign, and surveyor.


Robert Hale's prosperity and intelligence no doubt led him to share in the desire which the leading colonists felt to educate preachers for their multiplying churches on their own soil, and we presently find him sending his eldest son, John, to Harvard College. John Hale, graduated in 1657, who was the first and long-settled pastor at Beverly, just beyond Salem, Massachusetts.

He is described as a representative man, of recognized abilities, generous disposition, public-spirited, and, of course, a Calvinist of the prevailing robust type.

One of his neighbors, following him two or three years later, was that George Bunker whose famous hill stands in the new world for all and more than Marathon's mound has so long stood in the old.

It was to remain for a descendant of his in the fifth generation — the young captain of 1776 — to assist in ridding the ancestral farm of an enemy's presence.

The ships that sailed into Massachusetts Bay in the memorable years between 16 brought over what local historians like to call much "precious freight." They brought more than one stout heart and devoted group, which Old England could ill afford to spare, but in whom New England found her making.

Among these first comers — commonwealth builders as they were to prove— were the ancestors of Nathan Hale.


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