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He doesn't have a very common name, and, fortunately for your quest, only one Harvey Setzer surfaced in the entire database: a single man, age 25, living in Leadville, Colorado, working as a miner, just as you believed your ancestor did! The 1880 census provides another clue as well: this Harvey Setzer was born in Missouri.

You would be amazed at how many simple "facts" a family has passed down through stories repeated at the dinner table and family gatherings turn out not to be exact in their details, having become elaborated on over time, like a game of "Telephone" that we all played as children.(William Setzer, the head of household, appears on the prior page.)There's only one hitch: our 1880 Harvey claimed on the census that his parents, William and Elizabeth, were born in Maine, but the parents listed on the 1860 census said they were born in Kentucky.Knowing that the image of the 1880 census we're looking at is actually a copy made from another handwritten document, there is always a possibility that MO or another abbreviation was mistranscribed as Maine.And we found them with their oldest daughter, Catherine, along with an unnamed infant.


If you have a problem with a particular entry, please contact the submitter of said entry. My grandfather's sister, Lillian Wilson, married a man by the name of Harvey G.


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