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I'm a total animal lover, my dog is my best friend. It all started 55 years ago and has gone downhill ever since. Easy to talk to, I love to listen and just be there for people when they need me.I am mix, I'm half Filipino and half New Zealander.My favorite thing to do is when it gets dark, I go somwhere Got a pic up...that's a start for now ;) Lol!I enjoy being busy, however that being said, I do So where do I start.I like sports, cars, reading, watching, travelling, driving and a lot more.


I love to renovate and consider Well I am 32 y/o, I have a 3 year old son, a 13 month old daughter and a Supportive Male Partner.

I'm a single mom of a beautiful and energetic 10 year old, he is my whole life.


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